In the case of a bridge Shulyavska, European officials filed to dismiss.

В случае с Шулявским мостом европейские чиновники сами подали бы в отставку, - эксперт

Vitali Klitschko during the inspection Shulyavska bridge

After the collapse of part of the pedestrian console Shulyavska bridge the mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko has dismissed several officials. With their positions parted by the Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration on issues of transport infrastructure Ilya Sagaidak and the head of Solomensky district Maxim Shkuro, although the resignation of the latter must still be signed by the President.

The layoffs sparked a number of discussions regarding the justification of the actions of the mayor. However, political analysts believe that such reaction of the head of Kyiv will help to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Deputy Director of the situations modeling Agency Alex golobutsky said that, in his opinion, Vitaly Klitschko in this situation took the right decision. “When in the 21st century falls part of the bridge, it has a reputation of city government. What to do? To dismiss. As for me, it’s the right decision. I don’t think that the right to dismiss, but I understand the logic. As a professional I would probably have told me to do,” — said the expert.

Alex golobutsky also believes that the unexpectedly sharp dismissal of officials of the Kyiv city state administration is something quite familiar to Western Europe. “From the point of view of formalities, of course, corresponds to European practice. If there is an unsolved problem, something happened, it is a problem, which had to deal with. We have a million problems that accumulate one on another, and then something falls apart. And, of course, it is logical that a person who is responsible for them. If he doesn’t, so needs someone else to do. Another not – so third, fourth, tenth. Well, it is clear that we must change the attitude to business”, — concluded the analyst.

Another political analyst Alexander paly is also convinced that the dismissal of the Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration on issues of transportation infrastructure and head of solomiansky district was well deserved.

“I think the dismissal of Sagaidak and skins were warranted, because these people, on the basis of their positions, must answer these questions. For a long time to figure out who is to blame and exactly who built this bridge 50 years ago, who repaired who followed him. But his office is precisely these people, the Deputy and the chief of the district, are responsible for this. They are not alone, but they,” — said the expert.

In addition, Alexander paly admitted that the abrupt dismissal of Vitali Klitschko officials from the tops of the Kiev authorities will be a preventive measure, because senior officials of Kiev actually showed that no one has tacit immunity.

“It is very good that fired great officials. This means that discipline will these things increase. Not the smallest scapegoats fired, specifically people into good positions. This will encourage other officials who are in good positions, they should be more attentive to their work. Moreover, European practice in such situations for himself to resign. Do not wait until fired and to leave. Well, here Klitschko helped to retire those who are not able to make such decisions”, — said Alexander paly.

The expert also suggested that dismissal of Ilya Sagaidak and Maxim Shkuro was not final, but rather, just the most significant. Therefore, after the mayor has released from posts of the Deputy head of Kyiv transport infrastructure and the head of Solomensky district, will be given the detailed proceedings at all levels of local government.

“I think we need to find the specific responsible for the fact that not follow. It may be a small post, but is the one who said that everything is fine. Who last inspected and concluded that the bridge is suitable. These people, too, must be brought to justice, possible, and serious, because there could be victims. Only it must be done quickly, without delay, and that it was not looking for anybody, specifically responsible person” — summed up Alexander paly.

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