In the case of a mass shooting in San Bernardino arrested two Russians

По делу о массовом расстреле в Сан-Бернардино задержаны две россиянки

In California detained three people associated with the shooter from San Bernardino Saeed Farooq, two of whom – the Russians. About it reports Reuters.

It is noted that the arrested was the brother of the shooter Rachel Farouk, his wife, the Russian Tatiana Farooq and her sister, also a Russian woman, Maria Black.

Investigators believe that the brother Farouk Enrique Marquez for the money agreed to marry Blacks, so that she was able to stay in the United States. Black is also accused of fraud and perjury. She faces up to 25 years in prison.

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Sister Black’s Tatiana Faruq and her husband are charged that they participated in the conspiracy. To them threatens till five years of imprisonment.

The lawyers of the detainees did not comment on the situation.

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Saeed Farooq, Jr. and his wife Tashfeen Malik December 3, arranged firing in the centre of assistance to people with disabilities in the U.S. city of San Bernadino, killing 14 people. At attempt of detention the police shot and killed the couple.

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