In the case of an accident disappeared in Kharkov one of the main witnesses – the media

В деле ДТП в Харькове пропал один из основных свидетелей - СМИ

Psychiatrist Elena Fedirko resigned from the hospital. At the moment nobody knows where she is.

In the case of a fatal accident in Kharkov with the participation of Elena Zaitseva and Gennady Dronova lost one of the main witnesses – a psychiatrist who had examined Zaitsev after hitting a pedestrian. This was stated by the lawyer of the victims Larisa Matveeva, reports on Friday, July 20, Ukrainian Pravda.

“We asked them to interrogate in court of the doctor-psychiatrist Helen Fedirko, who conducted the initial examination Zaitseva and determined that her condition has signs of drug intoxication, and put these circumstances in the act. Then, under his leadership was selected the necessary biological samples – urine and blood,” said the defender.

She clarified that the analysis of biomaterials was conducted by the physician assistant, which has already been questioned in court. Soon the defenders initiated the interrogation Fedirko in court to find out the procedure for the selection of tests Zaitseva.

“We wanted to explain how is carried out the selection analyses, why not take in full, why did not have the number of selected materials, how and to whom it was sent. But she resigned from the hospital, so at the place of work and place of residence to find her failed,” said the lawyer.

She explained that Fedirko gave testimony to the investigator during the investigation, but these indications may not use as evidence in court as in the criminal procedure code must be complied with the principle of immediacy – all witnesses should be questioned in the court.

Matveev noted that Fedirko called July 3 to the court on July 10, but it does not appear on the July 18 should be the drive of the witness in court, but the police who were tasked to carry out a drive to find her failed.

“Now nobody knows where she is. For business this means that you will need some evidence other methods to install. The lack Fedirko – not a disaster, because the case materials are enough, but her testimony is important to establish an objective truth,” – said Matveyev.

The Prosecutor’s office Kharkiv region edition confirmed that this witness had indeed summoned, but he did not attend the meeting.

We will remind, in the evening of 18 October 2017 in Kharkov, there was a fatal accident involving a Lexus that ran a red light and colliding with the Volkswagen Touareg left the pavement and overturned. The accident killed five people, six more were injured varying degrees of severity. Later died in hospital, another victim in the accident.

Driving a Lexus was 20-year-old woman, the daughter of the Kharkov businessman Elena Zaitseva. It had already been three times fined for running a red light and speeding.

The analysis showed the presence in the urine Zaitseva opiates at the time of the accident. Later re-examination did not find opiates have Zaitseva.

20 Oct 2017, the court decided to arrest Zaitsev for two months without the right of bail.

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