In the case of the downed Boeing featured 120 of the GPU

В деле сбитого Боинга фигурируют 120 человек - ГПУ

The Prosecutor General’s office is ready to hand over the suspect and pass the case to court.

Prosecutors are ready to transfer materials to the court in the case of the Boeing crash of flight MH17 in Donetsk oblast, 2014. This was stated by first Deputy Prosecutor General Dmytro Storozhuk in an interview to UKRINFORM.

“The attorney General’s office is a field office of an International joint investigation teams, where our professionals together with the investigators of the security Service and law enforcement agencies of Australia and the Netherlands engaged in investigation of this criminal proceedings”, – said Storozhuk.

This joint work has brought a result, are confident in the GPU.

“We are ready to present suspicions and send materials to the court. Why haven’t we done? To date, determines judicial jurisdiction in this matter. Conceptually, this can be the court of the Netherlands. But there are legal repercussions in our legislation and in the legislation of the Netherlands concerning the extradition of suspects to condemn,” – said Storozhuk.

So, for Ukraine it would be better if the hearing was held before an International Tribunal or a National court of the Netherlands, said the first Deputy Prosecutor General.

“This eliminates the possibility of the Russian Federation accuse us of bias of the court in this case” – recorded Storozhuk.

Only the results of the investigation of the GPU installed 120 people who appear in the case of the shooting down of the Boeing.

“During the sentencing suspicions are planning quite an interesting operation. They are incredibly difficult to implement them completely will involve all law enforcement agencies in five countries – participants of the International joint investigation teams. We strive not only to make a Declaration of involvement in this tragedy, senior officials of the Russian Federation. We want real people suffered real punishment was presented in court,” – said Storozhuk.

But Storozhuk did not specify how the GPU is planning to deliver suspects to the court.

Recall that in the Hague court of Moscow has denied any involvement and expresses the need to prove that the CBO put it is to attack the liner.

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