In the case of the downed over Lugansk Il-76 read out the charges

В деле о сбитом над Луганском Ил-76 огласили обвинение

In the case of the crash of Il-76 announced the indictment

General Viktor Nazarov is accused of neglect of duties, which resulted in the deaths of 49 servicemen.

Wednesday, November 22, Pavlograd district court, the Prosecutor read out the indictment against the former chief of staff of the ATO major-General Viktor Nazarov, who is suspected in the case of the Downing in July 2014 the plane Il-76, reports Radio liberty.

The act States that Nazarov as the chief of staff of the ATO was required to manage military units involved in operation, analyze information and predict the likely actions of terrorist groups in the Donbas, but he casually reacted to the performance of their duties.

According to investigators, Nazarov knew for sure about the location at the airport of Lugansk militia groups with portable anti-aircraft missile systems and was aware of the risks involved, but took no action.

“On 13 June 2014 at the headquarters of anti-terrorist operation of SBU reported that two groups of militants, armed with MANPADS, went to the airport of Luhansk and intend to shoot down aircraft”, – said the Prosecutor.

The prosecution insists that due to the negligence of Nazarov’s killing 49 servicemen, and the state suffered losses in excess of $ 28,7 million.

Earlier the staff of SBU, which the court questioned as witnesses, stated that he transferred to the headquarters of ATO information about the groups of militants with MANPADS at the airport of Lugansk. Nazarov this information denied.

As reported Корреспондент.net14 June 2014 at landing approach at the airport of Luhansk separatists had shot down the plane Il-76, on Board of which there were 49 Ukrainian military personnel – crew members and paratroopers.

25 Nov 2014 major General Victor Nazarov, who is accused of official negligence that led to the collapse of Il-76 and the deaths of soldiers, were arrested.

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