In the center of Kiev want to prohibit Parking

В центре Киева хотят запретить парковку

In the centre of the city want to offload the road

The restrictions may relate to more than 60 streets.

Metropolitan government many of the Central streets of Kiev may ban Parking. This became known from the draft decision of the Kyiv city Council, Ukrainian news reports.

As noted, the list includes 61 streets. According to representatives of the transport infrastructure of Kyiv city state administration, which prepared the document, a traffic violation in the Central streets of Kiev leads to a decrease in throughput travel parts of the streets, creating traffic jams, deterioration of the quality of services of transportation of passengers and increase the time for the arrival of operational vehicles. In winter is complicated by the movement of snowplows.

“The ban on Parking will provide an opportunity to take measures to influence drivers, and carry out the evacuation of cars of drivers who violate traffic rules. Drivers will be forced to Park cars in places specially equipped for this purpose,” – said the KSCA.

The list of streets where you can ban the MT:

Mikhailovskaya street;

The Lviv area;

St. Riflemen;

street (from street to street Dorogozhitskaya)

St. Helena Teligi;

St. Stepan Bandera;

Ave General Vatutin;

Brovarskyi Ave.;

building gnat hotkevich;

Kharkiv highway;

Moskovskaya str;

Generala Almazova;

Mihaila Grushevskogo str;


baseinaya str.;

Boulevard of Taras Shevchenko;

Saksaganskogo (from Pankivska street to Victory square)

Zhilyanskaya (from Pestelya street to St. Ilya Ehrenburg)

Antonovicha (Zagorodna from street to street of Friendship of Peoples)

Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str. (street of Friendship of Peoples to the street Ivan Curls, and from the street to Leo Tolstoy square)

St. Valery Lobanovsky;

Chokolovskiy Boulevard;

Vadima Getmana str;

St. Alexander Dovzhenko;

Degtyarevskaya str (Pobedy to Ivana Shevtsova)

street Aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky;

St. Daniel Sherbakovskaja;

Akademika Palladina Ave. (main carriageway)

Ring road;

Pushkinskaya (from Bogdan Khmelnitsky street to Proreznaya street)

street (from Kozhemiatskaya street to street of Mezhigorskaya)

str (from Mezhygirska to Kozhemiatskaya street)

Akademika Palladina Ave. (even side)

Goloseevsky Ave.;

Akademika Palladina Ave. (main carriageway)

Station square;

Leontovich street (odd side)


meadow St (from Herzen’s street to the Podilskyi descent)

Podil’s’kyi descent;

the area of Taras Shevchenko;

Stetsenko (from Akademika Palladina Ave. to street of Academician Tupolev)

baggovutovskaya str. (from Pugacheva str to str Ovruch)

street Pugacheva (from street to street Baggovutovska)

St. Cyril (from vyshgorodskaya to Podolsky descent)




Naberezhne highway;

Naddniprianske highway;

building of Peoples ‘ Friendship;

korolenkivs’ka str.;

the street (the odd side of the street of Smelyanskaya to the Sevastopol area)

St. Zadniprovska;

Sevastopol area;

Darnytskyi area;

glibochitska str;

Mezhigorskaya str;


Ushinskogo (Aviakonstruktora Antonova str to Chokolovskiy Boulevard)

The Vladimir descent.

We will remind, in Ukraine from October 26 to toughen the penalties for Parking in places designated for persons with disabilities.