In the center of Lutsk, the priest beat up a photographer

В центре Луцка священник избил фотокорреспондента

The assailant showed aggression and to punish the policemen who came to detain him.

In luck the novice of one of the Orthodox communities beat the press photographer Vladimir Lukyanchuk. The incident occurred in front of the main body of the Eastern national University of Lesya Ukrainka, reports local newspaper the Herald and K.

As he told police, a conflict arose because Lukyanchuk made the man and his companion’s remark. In response, rained down blows. It is alleged that both men were drunk.

“The attacker showed aggression and to people who tried to pull him from the 69-year-old photographer to police who came to detain him. Moreover, the man continued his exploits in the hospital, where he was brought for examination. So the police had to subdue a detainee,” – said in the message.

As reported Корреспондент.neton the eve in the city of Rivne Azerbaijani brutally beat a fighter ATO, who tried to protect the girl in the cafe.