In the center of Nikolaev “majors” staged a mass brawl

В центре Николаева "мажоры" устроили массовый дебош

Young people rushed to passers-by and police

The participants of the conflict on the road separated several police patrols.

In Nikolaev at night on the corner of Cathedral street and the Admiral Makarov quarrel between a man and a woman on a luxury car ended in a mass brawl, said the publication news-N.

As eyewitnesses told, between young people there was a conflict, after which the girl jumped out of the Mercedes and got into a taxi, asking the driver to move fast. But the guy is an inadequate state began to demand that the girl left, however, he began to beat on the car with the taxi driver.

Then the brawler was joined by another guy and they both started screaming and beating the taxi driver, who made his comments.

Eyewitnesses called the police and arrived at the scene immediately 5 cars. Young people and then continued foul language, beat hands the taxi car.

In addition, they rushed and was swearing at the audience witnesses until the cops pushed one of the guys on the ground and handcuffed.At this time the other guy started screaming at one of the witnesses, while hitting him in the face. All happened in front of the child that was screaming, crying: “do Not hit my dad!”.

Witnesses also say that the brawlers use weapons.

As noted, the police no action was taken, trying to calm down the brawler. The detainee was taken to the police Department, and the rest went to Mercedes in an unknown direction.

“This situation is very outraged witnesses to the incident. They tortured to find out why the second brawler was not arrested and allowed to leave quietly, but the distinct answer have not received… the Police did not react to what was happening in front of them,” Goritsa in the message.

CAUTION! Video contains profanity!

We will remind, earlier in Nikolaev area happened high-profile events involving police. In the village curve Lake police beaten to death a man during the arrest. Later it became known that in nikolayevshchina the deceased was shot at close range when he was in handcuffs.

In the district riots broke out. The locals almost lynched the detainees during their loading into a paddy wagon, clashed with the police.