In the Chernobyl zone held art project

В Чернобыльской зоне провели арт-проект

In Pripyat staged art project Artifact

The organizers stated that its goal – the fight against fake news and manipulation of information.

In a fully de-energized more than thirty years ago, Pripyat was a glittering set of art-sculpture. Interactive digital sculpture, called an Artifact and is designed to draw attention to information that is consumable. On Friday, November 23, according to TSN.

The organizers hung on the crane shining star, and around her the screens, which were broadcast Chronicles the Chernobyl disaster.

The idea of the Artifact taken from the novel by the Strugatsky brothers roadside picnic and Tarkovsky’s film Stalker.

Along with the sculpture was presented to a soundtrack using the Sounds of Chernobyl, written by the author of the project of the Ukrainian musician RASSVET together with the Frenchman nominated for the Grammy Christophe Ethier.

This presentation was the opening of the eponymous international project, which objective is the fight against fake news and manipulation of information. The place was not chosen accidentally. The Chernobyl accident is a Prime example of manipulation and concealment of the true scale of the tragedy.

Revival. Solar power station in Chernobyl

As reported, in late October in the Chernobyl zone detained five stalkers.

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