In the city of Enerhodar are searched

В мэрии Энергодара идут обыски

The City Council Of Energodar

Officials suspected of involvement in the embezzlement of budget.

In Energodar of the Zaporozhye region security forces on Thursday, December 22, organized raids on the city Council. As reported by the local Prosecutor’s office, searches were carried out in the framework of criminal proceedings on embezzlement of money of the city budget officials Energodar city Council and utility companies.

It is reported that the officials can be stored for documentation confirming the illegal use of budgetary funds. Already searched one of the enterprises of communal ownership. Some of the documents discovered in a burned-out former building of bath and Laundry plant.

Earlier, security forces conducted searches in the case of Ukrgasbank at nine locations in the investigation of the case on misappropriation of 140 million UAH of credit funds.

The NEB conducts searches in the offices of the company, Jan De NUL Ukraine