In the Crimea abolished the emergency measures light

В Крыму отменили чрезвычайные меры по свету

Night Yalta

On the Peninsula there were completed works on elimination of an emergency situation, authorities said.

In the Crimea abolished the state of emergency situatsii due to the termination of supply from mainland Ukraine. This is stated in the decree of the head of the Peninsula Sergey Aksenov, reports Kryminform.

“In connection with the completion of works on liquidation of emergency situations of technogenic character of the regional level of response to cancel the state of emergency”, – the document says.

11 may the President of Russia Vladimir Putin gave the command to launch the last, the fourth leg of the power bridge to the Crimea.

In the evening of the same day in Crimea canceled schedule of emergency outages.

Recall that after the explosion of November 22, the supports of the two transmission lines, leading to Crimea, the Peninsula was introduced emergency mode. Then Russia started up two threads of the power bridge, and from 2016, refused to supply electricity to the Crimea from mainland Ukraine.

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