In the Crimea by the end of the year will earn four Ukrainian radio station

В Крыму к концу года заработают четыре украинские радиостанции

Until the end of the year in the Crimea will start to broadcast 4 Ukrainian radio station

In Chongar will build a 150-meter tower.

On the Chongar Peninsula, on the South of Kherson region, will build a 150-meter tower to ensure the Ukrainian broadcasting in the Crimea. This broadcast “5 channel” said a member of the National Council on television and radio Sergey Kostinsky.

“Our goal is to provide at least part of the territory of the Crimea FM signal. For this we have planned the construction of Chongar in the 150-metre tower. This will be the biggest tower on the South of Kherson region. The biggest out there at the moment – 90 m 150 m allows us to cover the North of the Crimea”, – said Kostinsky.

According to him, the national Council on television and radio broadcasting ordered the miscalculation of the four frequencies, so the territory of Crimea will be able to broadcast four radio stations. “I hope this year we’ll do it,” – said Kostinsky.

As previously reported, in the zone of the Antiterrorist operation in 2016 it is planned to install three of the TV tower for expansion of Ukrainian broadcasting.

Slovenia gave Ukraine TV transmitters for the area ATO