In the Crimea for three years reduced the number of youth

В Крыму за три года сократилось количество молодежи

The population in Crimea is gradually aging

The reduction in the number of young people is noticeable in all age groups.

In the annexed Crimea recorded significant decline in the number of residents in the age groups of 15 to 30 years – about 70 thousand people in three years. It is reported by Crimea.Realities with reference to data Cristata.

So, according to the Agency, belonging to the group of 15-19 years in 2013 in the Crimea counted more than 91 thousand. In 2014, the so-called census recorded 9 thousand people (almost 10%) less. Now under this age category are slightly more than 80 thousand people.

The group of people aged 20-24 years has been declining even more rapidly. In 2013, those in the Crimea, was 136,5 thousand people. In 2014 counted less than 111 thousand. As at the end of 2016 the number of residents of Crimea aged 20 to 24 years was reduced to 102 thousand people.

The group aged 25-29 years also declined significantly in 2014, but now the rate of decline decreased slightly, but the trend continues. In 2013 in Crimea, people in this age group totaled 173 thousand in 2014 – 155. Now – about 150.

В Крыму за три года сократилось количество молодежи


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