In the Crimea has promised to pour water evaporating kislotostabilen in Armyansk

В Крыму пообещали залить водой испаряющийся кислотонакопитель в Армянске

In Armyansk, the locals complain of feeling unwell

Earlier, the pond was 30 million cubic meters of water, and after a drought left only 1.6 million cubic meters, says Sergey Aksenov.

Dry chemical in the town of Armyansk in Crimea is evaporation content in the dry kislorodolechenie plant Crimean Titan. It will gradually be filled with water.

This was stated by the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, Interfax reported on Tuesday, September 4.

“The filling process will begin in two months, you need to lay pipe,” he said during the visit in Armyansk.

According to Aksenov, informed in the reservoir was 30 million cubic meters of water, after dry weather left 1.6 million cubic meters. “Just nothing,” he said.

In kislotostabilen planned to serve 1.8 million cubic meters of water per month.

“60 thousand cubic meters per day, despite the fact that we need to file 15 million cubic meters of water in this pond. During the month, 1.8 million cubic meters. While the pace. There may be two lines,” – said Aksenov.

It is noted that the chemical waste dumped in kislotostabilen since 1971. The size of this “lake” is 42 square kilometers, a volume of 30 million cubic meters of water. The drive is first dried up to such an extent. The reason for the formation of condensate in the differential day and night temperatures.

Earlier it became known that the Crimean Titan plant suspends production due to air pollution in the city Armyansk. In the preventive purposes in schools and kindergartens of Armiansk two weeks declared holidays.

Recall that the release of an unknown substance occurred on the North of the Crimea in the night of August 24. After that, the rooftops and the leaves of the trees appeared patina oil color with a yellowish tint.

On the eve it became known that in the Kherson region border guards discovered in the air of toxic chemicals. Later it was found that the presence of chemicals in the air due to emissions from the factory Titan in the Crimea.

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