In the Crimea launched a 4 string of the power bridge from Russia, completing the construction

В Крыму запустили 4 нитку энергомоста из России, завершив строительство

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has opened the last, fourth line of the power bridge from Kuban to the Crimea with a capacity of 200 MW. This publication reports “Kriminform”.

Putin gave the command to enable power flow from the substation “Taman” in the Temryuk district of the Krasnodar region via videoconference.

“In a short time managed to break through the energy blockade of the Crimea, in fact, no doubt, if we need any other break through the blockade, if someone wants us to practice”, – said Putin.

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Thus the total amount of energy transmitted by the bridge in the Crimea, makes more than 800 MW, which, according to Putin, even more than necessary.

Given the existing generation the total volume of available capacity within the BDC, after entering the second phase of the power bridge will reach 1270 MW.

According to the Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak, the construction of the second phase of the power bridge was completed 2 years ahead of schedule, the approved Federal target program.

In General, we have built 2 new substations “Taman” and “Kafa”, modernized and renovated 5 existing substations (“Kuban”, “vyshestebliyevskaya”, “Slavic”, “Simferopol”, “Kamysh-Burun”), built over 800 km of transmission lines of voltage class 220-500 kV, laid on the bottom of the Kerch Strait 4 circuits of cable lines with a total length of 230 km.

Directly on the territory of the Peninsula are now working four CHP installed capacity of 165 MW of solar and wind farms with a total capacity of 362 MW and mgtes in Simferopol, Sevastopol and Saki region with a total capacity of 315 MW.

We will remind, in April in occupied Crimea has launched the third stage of the power bridge from Russia.