In the declarations of the officials has revealed the unreliable data 8.6 billion

В декларациях чиновников выявили недостоверные данные на 8,6 млрд

The national Agency on corruption prevention has published the results of auditing declarations by civil servants for two years.

Officials in their declarations of invalid information, totaling more than 8.6 billion hryvnia. On Tuesday, February 12, according to the NACP.

According to authorities, during 2017-2018 in the field of financial control, the Agency was 273 conclusions, from them 99 – Declaration of false information, 5 – illicit enrichment, 169 – for deliberate failure to submit returns.

According to the law, only in 2018 sent a reasoned opinion in the NAB 40, the National police – 178 and the prosecution – 36.

It was also composed and sent to court 356 of protocols on administrative offenses: 22 – Declaration of false information, 179 – untimely submission of the Declaration, 155 – violation of procedure for notification of significant changes in property status.

In NACP noted that by law, the Agency does not have the functions of investigation, right to be the subject of a judicial process and not a punitive body.



Earlier in NACP reported that the MP from the faction Block Petro Poroshenko Dubnevich introduced false data in the Declaration for the year 2016.


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