In the Dnieper hospital. Mechnikov two very heavy fighters – Ryzhenko

В днепровской больнице им. Мечникова два крайне тяжелых бойцы, - Рыженко

In the hospital. Mechnikov in the river there are two extremely serious military single amputee and the other a wound to the head. This was announced by the chief doctor of this clinic Sergey Ryzhenko said in the story of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“We are still two very heavy fighters. Single amputees. Every minute is a fight for life. Is plasma exchange, dozens of liters. The second fighter, with severe wounds to the head,” said Ryzhenko.

According to a leading TV channel, for the last week in hospital. Mechnikov in the river brought a 5 and the military.

“Doctors managed to save the 34-year-old fighter. He was wounded near Marinka. Surgeons 4 hours to remove the bone fragments of the head of the military. Wounds of the head, lungs, thorax and extremities soldier (Callsign “Pheasant”, the fighter) received during a mission to inspect an abandoned house,” says the story.

Head physician Sergey Ryzhenko added that splinter got to the brow arch and stopped in the occipital area.

“Neurosurgeons did everything possible and impossible, the boy was saved,” said the doctor.

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