In the Dnipropetrovsk region students, 38 schools remain on holiday

В Днепропетровской области ученики 38 школ остаются на каникулах

For students of Pavlograd and half Kamensky extended vacation indefinitely

In Kamenskoye and Pavlohrad of Dnipropetrovsk region students, 38 schools remain on forced vacation due to lack of heating.

In two cities of the Dnipropetrovsk region students, 38 schools remain on forced vacation due to the lack of heating in schools. On Tuesday, November 13, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

As stated by the head of the Department for humanitarian Affairs Kamensky city Council Tatiana Onishchenko, 19 students from 40 schools in the city remain on vacation due to the lack of heating.

“The mayor is in Kiev and is addressing the issue. I hope that by the end of the week the issue will be resolved, and children will study. The city has 24.7 thousand students,” – said Onishchenko.

In turn, the Pavlograd without heating there are 19 schools in the city.

According to the head of the education Department of Pavlograd city Council Irina Demyanenko, for all 11.7 thousand students of the city an extended vacation for an indefinite period.

“However, students in grades 1-8 are learning remotely, for pupils of 9-11 classes of individual consultations that lasts not more than 1.5 hours a day” – reported to clerk.

However, she noted that from 15 November, four schools, which have individual heating, and can resume work.

“Today at the meeting in the city Council said that the city start all the boilers. I have confidence that all children will return to school before the end of this week, the deadline is Monday,” said Demyanenko.

According to her, all the school curriculum will be revised and children will gain knowledge in full.

Earlier it was reported that in Kherson is no heating in 31 school.

Before that, in Shepetovka Khmelnitsky region took the decision to close schools due to the lack of heat.

It was also reported that in the absence of heat 11 schools in the town of Smela of Cherkasy region has suspended the educational process and switched to distance learning.

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