In the Donbas checked the quality of drinking water

На Донбассе проверили качество питьевой воды

The environmental situation in the Donbas is deteriorating, saying the Cabinet

At the request of the Ministry of occupied territories in the region have undertaken examination of the status of air, soil and water.

On Donbass on the surface of the water from the mines, which spoils drinking water. According to the data of examination of 30 samples showed that the water in the region is “dirty” and “very dirty”. It is reported the Ministry of occupied territories in Twitter on Tuesday, June 12.

It is also noted that due to the mine water also shrink the soil and caused water logging.

In addition, was conducted examination of the status of air and ground.

According to outcome, in the Donetsk and Lugansk region falls to 30% of emissions of polluting substances into the atmosphere in Ukraine.

Dangerous situation in Turecka on the line of collision – crashing a tailings dam of the phenol plant. It is 90% full and now there is stored 270 tons of the chemical waste.

It is noted that the separatists have not allowed experts to inspect dangerous or emergency facilities in the occupied territories.

Earlier in Kiev declared that the Donetsk goes underground. In the region there are about 200 objects that carry risks to the local population in case of destruction.


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