In the Donbas fined provider for clear channel

На Донбассе оштрафовали провайдера за канал Дождь

The stream of Rain fined provider in the Donetsk region

Provider, operating in the Donetsk region, was fined 25 percent of the license fee.

The national Council on television and radio broadcasting fined TV provider ahead of TV in Donetsk region for the broadcast forbidden Russian TV channel Rain.

Russian opposition TV channel Dozhd was banned in Ukraine in January this year. The national Council said about repeated violations of the Ukrainian laws, for example, the border between the Kherson oblast and Crimea is portrayed as the border with Russia.

“Recorded stream foreign programs Rain, which is not included in the list of foreign programmes, the content of which meets the requirements of the European Convention on transfrontier television and laws of Ukraine”, – reported in a press-Department service.

The national Council stated some violations of the provider: he had a license to only analog technology, but he also worked on digital and IPTV technologies.

Thus, the provider received a fine of 25 percent of the license fee.

Recall that the closure of Russian TV channel has caused a great resonance in the network. In this regard, the remembered, as the Rain covered the Maidan, Crimea and DNR.