In the Donbas tried to sell a unique monument of nature

На Донбассе пытались продать уникальный памятник природы

A lump of petrified Araucarias

“Black archeologists” estimated three-ton fossil of the tree Araucaria 300 thousand dollars.

The division of the tax police, participating in the operation joint forces, to prevent “black archeologists” to sell the fossil weighing three tons of ancient trees, Araucarias. About this report the Facts Wednesday, November 7.

It is noted that Araucaria grew 295-300 million years ago on the territory of modern Donbass. The find was donated to the landscape Park kleban-Byk, which is 45 kilometers from Donetsk – in the Constantine area.

“About the value it says that it has received the status of a natural monument of national importance – said the head of the Department of landscape Park Tatiana Cherepenko. – The monolith, as if preserved information about the climate and plants of the ancient era, even the clearly visible growth rings of fossilized trees.”

Kinoplenka, said that in the Internet appeared the announcement of the sale of blocks of petrified Araucarias. The attackers stated price of $ 100 per kilogram. They bury the find in Bakhmut district near the line of separation.

Earlier it was reported that in Dnipropetrovsk region “black archeologists” has damaged the Scythian Royal grave mound Nechayev. Vandals dug a hole twenty feet deep, causing serious damage to the unique monument of history.

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