In the Donbas was the most powerful tank of the Russian Federation – Bellingcat

На Донбассе был самый мощный танк РФ - Bellingcat

Tank T-90A was used in 2014.

Experts from the international group Bellingcat published a new investigation, which gave evidence of the presence of Russian tanks T-90A. The most powerful armored vehicles in service with the army of the Russian Federation used in the summer of 2014, say experts.

Installed this video, allegedly taken on 25 August 2014. Failed to install and the exact location of the shooting.

A Twitter user under the nickname Askai707, which monitors the conflict in Ukraine, in October 2016, wrote that the video was filmed near the village of Lyse in Luhansk region.

На Донбассе был самый мощный танк РФ - Bellingcat

Frame comparison

Askai707 previously documented the presence in the area, the Russian military 136th separate motorized rifle brigade, who operate a tank.

Bellingcat said that the photo T-90A, made the Donbas, and that can be checked by the method of geolocation, only visible to the individual elements or the rear of the tank on the road.

На Донбассе был самый мощный танк РФ - Bellingcat

The tank on the road

“From the available visual material and analysis Askai707 and InformNapalm, it is clear that in the summer of 2014 in the East of Ukraine were the tanks T-90A, probably belonging to the 136th separate motorized infantry brigade”, – said in the investigation.

Battle tank T-90 and its modifications is armed land forces of the Russian Federation. In Ukraine, they are not supplied.

Earlier, the international Bellingcat group and Conflict Intelligence Team has established a location where shots had been fired from Grad systems on 31 January and 1 February 2017.

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