In the Donbass, arrested criminals who stole the rails

На Донбассе задержали злоумышленников, которые воровали рельсы

Thieves at once cut the rails on 150 thousand hryvnias

The suspects several times dismantled railway line and passed it for scrap. With the proceeds they purchased KAMAZ manipulator.

In the Donetsk region on the rail stretch between the villages of dmytrivka and don detained a group of criminals who cut the rails. About it reports regional management of national police Friday, November 30.

It is noted that malefactors were detained at three in the morning “on hot”. The police waited several hours in ambush in the cold. The operation was the final operational work, which lasted four weeks.

“Fall in Volnovakha district was committed several thefts of railway track for freight trains. Police found ten individuals involved in the crime”, – is spoken in the message.

It turned out that the leader of the group hired local residents, who with the help of a blowtorch cut at night the railroad tracks. The abductors acted according to a predetermined plan where we each played a role.

With the purpose of conspiracy the attackers exhibited in different places, lookouts. Carefully watched the road that led to the railway. In the case of machines transmitted along the chain and the cutters disappear before they are discovered.

The suspects several times dismantled rails and handed over in point of reception of scrap metal and the proceeds acquired KAMAZ manipulator to steal on a large scale.

It was during the first major abduction the activity of a criminal group were stopped. The night of zloumyshlennikov detained, they cut metal almost 150 thousand hryvnia. But take did not – they were detained by the operatives.

Open criminal proceedings on charges of theft (article 185 criminal code of Ukraine). The total damage caused by the kidnappers, is established.

In the Donetsk region detained four criminals who have kidnapped in the frontline area about a kilometer of the railway.

Earlier in the Luhansk region cut 135 meters of the railway. Law enforcement officers seized two excavators, a Ural lorry with the trailer, car and two-gas cutting torch. The amount of damage was estimated at 327 thousand UAH.

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