In the Donbass in the forest found 10 thousand rounds and explosives

На Донбассе в лесополосе нашли 10 тысяч патронов и взрывчатку

Seized grenades

Also in the cache were 12 grenades.

Large cache of ammunition was discovered by police near the village Port, according to the office of national police in the Donetsk region.

The cache was hidden in the forest Mongolskogo district near the road, and disguised as grass and leaves. Police dug up 12 grenades, 11 detonators to them, a trotyl checker weighing 200 g and 15 boxes and a canister filled cartridges (total of 10 thousand cartridges to the automatic weapon).

All withdrawn is directed for examination. The issue of opening of criminal proceedings according to p. 1 p. 263 (illegal weapon handling, fighting supplies or explosives) UK of Ukraine.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier in the Donetsk region discovered two large cache of ammunition and explosive devices. The first cache was equipped in the basement of an abandoned rebel positions near the demarcation line in the Maryinsky district. From the vault seized 4,500 projectiles caliber 23 mm.

The second cache was in technical mine in Volnovakha district. They found a stash of more than 3,000 cartridges of caliber 5,45 mm; 10 fuses for anti-tank mines; 12 grenades f-1, RGD-5, RPG-18, RPG-2 and 10 grenades VOG.

In Kiev, found a cache of explosives that could be used under the Rada