In the Donbass military doctors rescued a wounded front the dog. 18+

На Донбассе военные врачи спасли раненую фронтовую собаку. 18+

Dog, who was blown up by a mine, managed to save

Pit bull struck a mine in the area of environmental protection. A military doctor for five hours operated on the animal and he was able to save.

Severely wounded pit bull Terrier, nicknamed the Corporal, who lives on the positions of one of the military units in the Donbas, 5 hours operated military doctors. It is reported Wlna radio.

Dog Corporal came to the Ukrainian military about 5 years ago. Since then, he has accompanied soldiers on combat duty and warns of danger.

A few weeks ago a dog found in the bushes seriously injured and bloody. Medic unit gave him first aid, bandaged and sent to the four-legged Toreck. But, according to the military, veterinarians Turecka refused to help a wounded dog. Then decided to turn to military medics. Those who saw the serious condition of the dog, began to help. It helped that one of the military assistants in the past studied veterinary medicine.

“While helping the Corporal, he stopped breathing, he performed CPR. I saw doctors saving a dog, and realized that if God forbid something happens, these people will not give me to die”, talks about the bottom of the APU fighter Vitaly.

Now the dog recovers and can be a symbol of the company on the chevrons.

Earlier it was reported that a runaway dog returned home after six years. Also the Correspondent wrote that the dog had set fire to the house, including the microwave.

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