In the Donetsk region border guards seized from a local resident at a checkpoint passport DNR”

В Донецкой обл. пограничники изъяли у местного жителя на блокпосту "паспорт ДНР"

In the Donetsk region, the border guards withdrew from the inhabitant of the occupied Yenakiyevo “passport DNR”. This was reported in the press service of the gpsu.

It is noted that the driver of the car was headed for the Ukraine-controlled territory. In the armrest of the vehicle the border guards discovered the passport of the NPT,” issued in June of this year on the citizen 2000

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“To further validate the guards gave the Ukrainian law enforcement bodies”, – is told in the message.

In addition, in the Lugansk region the man tried to cross the checkpoint in the Village with someone else’s passport. During the inspection it was discovered that he had a personal passport. The reasons for such action are being investigated.

It was also reported that using PPC “zaytsevo” the driver tried to smuggle in the occupied Lugansk party equipment and auto parts.