In the Donetsk region on fire hit man

В Донецкой обл. на пожаре пострадал мужчина

In Donetsk oblast there was a fire in a private house, has suffered 55-the summer man. This reports the press service of Goschs in Donetsk region.

Yesterday at 10:52 rescuers reported about a fire in a private house on the street Dudarenko in the city of Pokrovsk Donetsk region.

Fire of the 9th state fire and rescue squad arrived at the scene and found that as a result of fire suffered by the owner of the 1962 Victim was hospitalized in the surgical Department Pokrovskaya hospital with thermal burns of both hands and face.

11:09 the fire was localized at 11:20 – finally abolished.

Seven firefighters extinguished the fire using two fire engines. The cause of the fire is established by experts.

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Recall that in Chernihiv region during a fire killed a 76-year-old pensioner.

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