In the Donetsk region police officer tried to sell seven kilograms of mercury

В Донецкой области полицейский пытался продать семь кило ртути

The man was detained “on hot” immediately after the sale of mercury

The convoy commander of the detention center wanted to sell seven kilograms of dangerous substances.

In the Donetsk region detained the head of an escort of a temporary detention center Bakhmut police Department for selling mercury. As the press service of the regional Prosecutor’s office about the intention of the police to sell mercury to law enforcement officers said a local resident.

Police detained “on hot” immediately after sale 7 kg of mercury. At detention from it withdrew pre-identified 10 thousand hryvnias which he received from the sale of mercury.

Pre-judicial investigation proceeds, the question of the announcement of suspicion to the detainee and election concerning it a preventive measure.

Earlier the resident of Severodonetsk, Luhansk region seized 28 kg of mercury.