In the Donetsk region separatist surrendered to the police

В Донецкой области сепаратистка сдалась полиции

The police asked a female separatist

A woman six months worked as an assistant chef in the DNI. However, disappointed in the service on the separatists left their ranks.

A resident of the town of Ukrainsk of the Donetsk region, had previously served in DNR, surrendered to the police in the framework of the program You home! On 17 August, the press service of the Channel.

It is noted that the 30-year-old woman for six months served as an assistant chef in the ranks of illegal armed groups.

“Seeing the life of the terrorist “republics” inside the woman left the military unit and used as provided for by law chance to be free of the responsibility”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that an unemployed woman believed the rumors of good pay in the service of the separatists and in November 2014 went to the occupied Donetsk. She applied, and after a few minutes thereafter she was given the form of the military sample and was appointed assistant chef.

By may 2015, a woman soldier was preparing some food for the separatists. However, instead of the promised wages for work in the catering Department only mercenary several times received food.

“This, plus the lack of discipline in military units, poor attitude of commanders to their subordinates led her to leave the place of dislocation,” the report says.

Returning home in Ukrainsk, a woman led a hidden life and never told anyone about his past. Seeing in the news information about the law, which guarantees to participants of illegal armed groups who have not committed serious crimes a chance to avoid punishment, the woman voluntarily went to law enforcement.

The police said that according to law exempt from criminal liability under this article a person who was in the armed forces, if he voluntarily came out of such formation and reported its existence in the bodies of state power or bodies of local self-government.

A few days earlier in the Donbas separatists voluntarily surrendered to the police. The man asked their relatives to contact the SBU to help it to return to Ukraine.

As reported, in late July in the Donetsk region and other separatist also voluntarily surrendered to the police.

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