In the Donetsk region. the father brought to the hospital three son no signs of life and tried to escape

В Донецкой обл. отец принес в больницу трехмесячного сына без признаков жизни и попытался скрыться

In Pokrovsk the Donetsk region. the police investigate the death of a three-month infant who had no signs of life brought to the hospital by his father. This was reported in the GU of the Channel region.

Upon the death of the child opened criminal proceedings under article 166 (willful failure to care for a child or for a person in respect of whom is established guardianship or trusteeship) and paragraph 2 of part 2. article 115 (premeditated murder of the juvenile child) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

The details of the incident on the page in Facebook said the Central Board of the regional police Vyacheslav Abroskin.

“This morning in intercession city hospital unidentified young man brought a 4 month old baby. When the doctors began to inspection, it turned out the boy was already dead. The man from the hospital disappeared. Hot pursuit police Pokrovsky Department of police the identity of the man was established, he was arrested. It was the baby’s father. With him, the child is sick and the wife, born in 1992, sent him to take his son to the hospital. On the way the child died. He was scared, so I decided to keep the baby’s body in the hospital,” he said.

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Abroskin added that the family in which lived a child is disadvantaged, parents abused alcohol and were not provided proper care. “By the way, in the house where lived the family wasn’t even heating. In appearance the boy, we can conclude that he greatly fell short in weight. The cause of death yet to be determined,” he writes.

Earlier in Kiev have detained a man who threatened to throw out the window of a minor child.