In the Eastern part of Aleppo profit buses for export of the remaining rebels and their families

В восточную часть Алеппо прибыли автобусы для вывоза оставшихся повстанцев и членов их семей

In the Eastern neighborhoods of the Syrian city of Aleppo arrived buses for export of the remaining rebels and their families. It is reported by Syrian state news Agency SANA.

The buses arrived at the quarters of Al-Ibdia, Salah al-DIN, al-Mashhad and al-Ansari.

It is noted that the evacuation will take place under the supervision of the International Committee of the red cross and the Syrian red Crescent society.

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Recall, 15 December operation was launched for the withdrawal of the militants and their families from the Eastern districts of Aleppo. The UN has reported that at the beginning of the evacuation of the city could leave thousands of people, including more than 190 sick and wounded. They were taken to a hospital in Idlib, in the area West of Aleppo and transferred to Turkey. However, due to the resumption of hostilities by the Syrian military operation had to be suspended.

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Yesterday, December 17, the Syrian opposition announced new arrangements for the evacuation of the Eastern part of Aleppo.