In the FA Cup will use video replays

В кубке Англии будут использовать видеоповторы

Deleting Kieran Gibbs, which the judge is mixed up with Oxlade-Chamberlain

The football Association of England talks about the possibility of video replays was used in the next draw of the FA Cup.

The introduction of an additional referee, video referee assistant who can help the chief judge, reviewing various aspects of the video and maintaining radio communication with it.

The chief arbiter will have the opportunity to request the assistance of the video assistant who will have to make decisions based on watching the video.

Video replays will be introduced to help judges make the right decisions in the episodes of dubious goals, penalties, red cards and the episodes in which the referee cannot correctly identify the player who broke the rules.

Note that in the FA believe that soon many trainers or the staff teams will be expected to demonstrate error by the judge with the help of gadgets directly during matches, as did the national team coach Fatih Terim, Turkey in the match against England.

В кубке Англии будут использовать видеоповторы

Recall, the international football Association Board (IFAB) at the beginning of March approved the testing of video replays in football.

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