In the film called forbidden films of the Russian Federation

В Госкино назвали запрещенные фильмы РФ

The list of banned Russian films supplemented with 34 pictures

The Ministry announced banned Russian films made after 1 January 2014.

A list of thirty-four of the banned Russian films made after 1 January 2014 published on its official website of the State Agency of Ukraine (state Committee for cinematography).

“On the implementation of the law of Ukraine “On amendments to article 15-1 of the law of Ukraine “On cinematography”… the State Agency of Ukraine for cinema cancels the state registration of films produced by individuals and legal entities of an aggressor state, not containing promotion or propaganda, but generated after 1 January 2014 and have a valid rental license in Ukraine”, – is told in the message of Agency.

Void distribution certificates issued for the following movies:

1) the Last of the Magikyan (13-40 ser.);

2) Parents;

4) the House of the sleeping beauties;

5) Belka and Strelka. Naughty family (season 2, 17-34. P.);

6) All the treasures of the world;

8) Violetta from Atamanovka;

9) Two fathers and two sons, 2 (Pp. 21-40);

10) Wife part-time;

11) women on the verge (1-26 ser.);

12) Castle on sand.

13) beautiful wife;

14) Golden bride;

15) Healing;

16) messing;

17) Mannequin;

18) Marseille (Accidental meeting);

19) My white and fluffy;

20) Never let me go;

21) I Hate and I love;

22) Ugly love;

23) new run;

24) Once and for all;

25) the Fifth floor with no Elevator;

26) Moving;

27) Return I;

28) the Power of love;

29) the Son;

30) his Eldest daughter;

31) Good hands;

32) of the cross;

33) the Price of love;

34) Looking for a companion.

As reported Корреспондент.net, March 13, the state approved the list of allowed movies.

The state has no claims to the series for the plot of LDNR