In the flooded mine Maya found an unusual artifact

В затопленной шахте майя найден необычный артефакт

Findings indicate that the production of salt for the Indians was important and lucrative.

Archaeologists have discovered in a flooded mine of the Maya, located on the territory of Belize, two unusual artifact. About it reports Eurek Alert.

Scientists have found bits of jadeite and the handle from rosewood. The materials used to create them, differ a special quality.

This casts doubt on the fact that these materials are used only for ritual objects and jewelry for the nobility. Find found in a flooded mine in which, apparently, the ancient Maya extracted salt. For this could use a bit of jadeite. This is also evidenced by the pattern of scratches on the surface of the tool.

The artifacts date back to around 600-800 BC. Previously, experts were invented to detect the tool made of jade, along with its wooden handle.

Eve scientist said that he had deciphered the Voynich manuscript. It was also reported that the Indian archaeologists uncovered a 4,000-year-old tomb.

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