In the Gobi desert found a strange military facility

В пустыне Гоби обнаружили странный военный объект

Purpose wide smooth bands remains unclear

Next to the object in the desert there are mysterious signs in the form of “eights”.

Video mysterious object, probably a military purpose, it sparked debate on the Internet. On Wednesday, August 15, the newspaper reports Russian weapons.

As noted, a strange object is located in the Gobi desert in China.

Shooting was carried out from above, probably from a satellite or UAV. However, to understand the purposes for which created such a large building with an odd layout wide flat bands, similar to the landing quite difficult.

Intrigue makes the fact that the object is located in the barren Gobi desert. Near the object there are buildings and hangars, as well as mysterious signs in the form of “eights”. Also in the shot technique.

“Nobody can explain what was found in the Gobi desert. We still have no answers to the question, what is this mysterious place, except that it may be a runway for the aliens” – said in comments to the video posted on YouTube.

Meanwhile, users have suggested that the mysterious military facility is used to test UAV or other unmanned vehicles. According to another version, which has become one of the most popular object used for calibration of military satellites.

Earlier in Peru have found new mysterious geoglyphs of Nazca. Scientists have discovered new patterns using satellite imagery and drones. In 2016, the archaeologists of the Institute of methodologies for environmental analysis suggested that the geoglyphs and aqueducts are a single system.

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