In the house on Osokorki capital broke Elevator, suffered a couple

В доме на столичных Осокорках оборвался лифт, пострадала супружеская пара

The house on prospect Bazhana, 10 broke Elevator, inside of which were a married couple. About this informed the Deputy Director of Department – head of Department concerning emergency situations of the novel Tkachuk, transfers “UKRINFORM”.

“Yesterday there was an open Elevator at 10:40 on Prospekt Bazhana 10 in Darnytskyi district. The fall was from 3 to 1 floor. In the cabin were a married couple: a woman of 53 years and the man 58 years old,” said Tkachuk.

It is noted that in the fall, the woman received a bruise of cervical Department of a backbone, and the man – a bruise of lumbar Department of spine. The couple immediately after the incident, was taken to hospital. Now being investigated causes of the cliff lift.

Earlier it was reported that in Odessa the hill on the street of Academician Glushko, the man fell into the Elevator shaft on the first floor. The reason was the movement of the Elevator without pressing the button.