In the Irkutsk region of the Russian Federation as a result of poisoning surrogate alcohol killed 8 people

В Иркутской области РФ в результате отравления суррогатным алкоголем погибли 8 человек

The party of counterfeit alcohol

In the Irkutsk region of Russia from-for poisonings with surrogate alcohol killed 8 people, 6 are in serious condition in the hospital. About it reports “TASS” with reference to law enforcement agencies in the region.

“On the territory of Irkutsk region as a result of poisoning surrogate alcohol in the period from Friday to Saturday to hospitals were hospitalized 14 people. Of these, 8 people died and six are in critical condition,” the report says.

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According to the regional Ministry of health, hospital of Leninsky district of the city have been ten people with acute chemical poisoning, 5 are in a coma. “Five taken to hospital are in a coma, in critical condition,” – said the press service.

The official representative of the Russian health Ministry Oleg Salagai has confirmed that victims of surrogate alcohol were eight people. According to him, six more remain in hospitals. “Now in hospitals of Irkutsk have 6 people poisoned surrogate alcohol. The condition of all them is estimated by doctors as heavy. 8 people died,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that a series of poisoning surrogate alcohol in some regions of Ukraine, according to the latest figures, 73 people were killed. Members of the group that manufactured counterfeit alcohol, was sentenced to 8-9 years in prison. During the arrest they seized more than 100 boxes of low-quality vodka and devices for its manufacture.