In the Italian Parliament discussed the Minsk agreement

В итальянском парламенте обсудили минские соглашения

Ukrainians first performed at the Sala della Regina of the Italian Parliament.

In the Sala della Regina of the Italian Parliament (hall, in which was proclaimed Republic) was held the international forum “Ukraine — Europe — Russia”, which was organized by the International University of Rome Link Campus University (Italy) and the Ukrainian Institute of strategies of global development and adaptation.

The main thesis of the forum was the metaphor proposed by Victor Levitsky: “Ukraine is a kind of fuse — that most delicate place, which will burn first, and thus, perhaps, save all the others. But at the cost of its existence. And “device”, i.e. the EU, at least for a while, switches off”.

“Delaying the implementation of the Minsk agreements, on whose fault it occurred, resulted in many abuses in Ukraine. The fact that Europe is a test, for us the verdict. For my country, all it means is the tragedy of millions of immigrants and residents of ORDO, the monstrous abuses in the area of the demarcation line and corruption. While thousands of people receiving unjust income, are interested in continuing crisis,” said Levitsky.

Ukrainian participants of the forum proposed to consolidate the efforts towards formation of a strategy for speedy implementation of the Minsk agreements, which will help to avoid critical scenarios.

The host side was represented by Deputy of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Deborah Bergamini, who stressed that the issue of Ukraine should again occupy a Central place in European politics, especially because the problem of the East-Ukrainian conflict and its resolution remains open.

Speaking in front of an audience the Deputy foreign Minister of Italy Benedetto Della Vedova spoke about the errors that were made by all involved in the conflict of parties, including the EU, USA and Russia. From his point of view, the implementation of the Minsk agreements is the only legitimate way out of the impasse.

With a wide retrospective of the historical background of the current situation were made by the Patriarch of Italian politics Fabrizio Chikito — President of the foreign Affairs Commission of the Italian Senate.

About the need for changes, said the President of the Italian delegation to the NATO parliamentary Assembly Andrea Manuli.

At the end of the meeting Deborah Bergamini thanked the Ukrainian scientists for their reports, noting the importance of such studies for the stabilization of the situation not only in the Donbass but also in Europe — in the end, it is the outcome of the discussions of experts and should build consensus in a democratic society.