In the Kharkiv region, an explosion occurred at a large military warehouse, is a mass evacuation

В Харьковской обл. произошел взрыв на крупном военном складе, проводится массовая эвакуация

In the Kharkiv region today, March 23, the night a powerful explosion occurred at an ammunition depot. The incident occurred near the town Balakliya. Part of the population of this city, as well as residents of surrounding villages (enter the zone of possible defeat) is evacuated.

This was reported by the press service of Goschs.

The Ministry of defence said that the incident occurred at 2:45 am. Develop a staff of fire.

For the elimination of consequences of emergency situations attracted 250 people of staff of the SES and 50 units. Armed reserve forces and means, including pyrotechnic calculations.

To the place of events there arrived the task force headed by the acting head of the Antimonopoly Melucci O. G.

Military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios on the page in Facebook reported that from the point of detonation is established conditional danger zone of scattering of ammunition, the length of which is seven kilometers away.

Data on casualties there.

On the scene left the leadership of the region and law enforcement agencies.

At the direction of the Minister of defence from Kiev flew aboard with the Commission under the leadership of Deputy defense Minister for armaments Pavlovsky.

The state border service on the Eastern-southern border strengthened border control.

Recall from safety at the mine “Steppe” disappeared information about the time of the explosion.

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