In the Kharkiv region have experienced military “jammers”

В Харьковской области испытали военную "глушилку"

Was testing a new “jammers”

The results of tests of serial machine confirmed all given specifications, completing the task of suppressing the radio communications system of the enemy.

On the ground in the Kharkiv region experienced the first serial sample station electronic warfare R-330КВ1М, according to Ukroboronprom.

“The results of tests of serial machine has the specified characteristics, perform the task of suppressing radio system conventional enemy”, – stated in the message.

R-330КВ1М – automated radio station shortwave radio, which is able to suppress the radio communications of the enemy at a distance of several tens of kilometers. R-330КВ1М allows you to block the operation of all modern short-wave radios, including those that are specifically designed to work in conditions of active interference.

It is noted that these properties are fully compliant with all standards, including requirements for stations of electronic warfare in NATO countries.

“In fact, the Ukrainian army has received a powerful tool that will allow you to completely “cut off” the connection to the advanced units of the enemy. That is, the enemy will not be able to call for help, bring guns to coordinate their actions with other units and the like. In modern conditions of fighting that gives a decisive advantage as the defense and offensive,” – said in the message.

Earlier, Ukraine has successfully tested the first combat module Serdar.

The Ukrainian military are “jammers” drones

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