In the Kharkiv region, the truck collided with a train

В Харьковской области грузовик столкнулся с поездом

facing the truck and passenger train

The accident happened near the village of Malinovka about 11 hours. As a result of incident nobody was injured.

In the Kharkiv region near the village of Malinovka Saturday, December 1, collided with a truck and a passenger train. Reported UA: Kharkov.

Reportedly, a collision with a passenger train Lysychansk-Uzhgorod occurred at about 11:00, probably due to non-compliance with safe distance truck driver.

In the accident nobody was injured.

“When the collision occurred, the car was on the tracks. Driver it at the time of accident was not. The truck was carrying books and magazines. After the accident, passengers on the street is not allowed,” said one of the passengers on the train.

The movement of trains was restored at around 14:00. Now the train is in the direction of Kharkiv.



Previously, under Khmelnytsky truck drove into the side of a freight train, killing the driver.

It was also reported that in the Kiev region were hit by a train at the crossing a car – two people were killed.


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