In the Kherson region killed thousands of wild birds

В Херсонской области погибли тысячи диких птиц

No avian influenza A or Newcastle disease in samples not detected

Experts have been unable to establish the cause of death of birds.

In the Kherson region started investigation into the deaths of about five thousand wild birds in Kalanchak district on the Peninsula Karaday, according to local newspaper Typical Kherson.

As told the head of Department of food safety state Gospodarevskaya in the Kherson oblast Mr. Vladimir Boyarsky, the first reports of the discovery of a large number of dead wild birds, primarily coots, swans and a few tufted ducks – began to arrive on January 7th.

Experts of veterinary medicine took samples of the biomaterial of birds and were sent to study in Kiev, the State scientific-research Institute of laboratory diagnostics and veterinary-sanitary examination.

There was a suspicion of highly pathogenic avian influenza A and Newcastle disease (viral pseudocode birds) infection included in list a of the International epizootic Bureau.

“Today, January 9, came the results of the survey, according to which neither the avian influenza A or Newcastle disease in samples of biological material is not detected, – said Vitaly knights. – After elimination of the reasons of the mass death of bird infections remain a version of poisoning of birds or water or food. Our investigations continue.”

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier in Russia on a poultry farm sent troops hazmat for elimination of consequences of an outbreak of avian flu.