In the Khmelnitsky region on the move ignited a minibus

В Хмельницкой области на ходу загорелся микроавтобус

On the move ignited a passenger van

During the incident in the van was the driver.

In Khmelnytsky region during the movement caught fire on a passenger minibus. On Saturday, February 9, reports a press-service gschs of Ukraine.

The message that near the village Holozubyntsi Dunaevetskogo district, Khmelnytskyi region caught fire on a passenger van, the rescue received 8 February at 15:29.

At the time of arrival of rescuers the fire had engulfed the engine compartment and interior of the vehicle. Firefighters brought the fire at 15:42 and eliminated at 15:45.

“As it turned out, the car caught fire while driving. At the time of the fire in the vehicle was the driver”, – noted in gschs.

Injured and killed at the scene was not.

Earlier in Nikolaev on Potemkinskaya street, the car caught fire while driving.

Also in January, in the center of Ternopil trolley caught fire.


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