In the Kiev region drunk kids trashed the cemetery

В Киевской области пьяные дети разгромили кладбище

Oodin of the boys got into the field of view of the police for committing theft

Boys aged 9 to 13 years, stole metal pipes and turned them in point of reception of scrap metal. On the received money they bought brandy.

Four young hooligans in an alcohol intoxication has arranged pogrom on a cemetery in the village of Mala Antonivka in bila Tserkva district. About it reports a press-service of management of Ukraine in Kiev region on Tuesday, April 16.

“At first the boys stole metal pipes from the territory Ushinskogo sugar factory, handed over them in point of reception of scrap metal. The proceeds 137 hryvnia drank brandy and went to have fun in the village of Mala Antonivka”, – stated in the message.

Pogrom on a cemetery reported to the police by a local resident and law enforcement officers quickly figured out the bullies. They were the parents of four children – 9, 10 and two 13-year-old, all residents of the city Uzin. As it turned out, one of the older boys got into the field of view of the police for committing theft.

The company has admitted to the crime and told the whole background of his barbaric act in the cemetery: “I drank, and then I wanted to have fun”.

Juvenile perpetrators damaged seven monuments on the graves, three of which are completely destroyed and are not subject to restoration.

Opened two criminal proceedings on the article about the theft (part 3 of article 185 of the criminal code) and desecration of the grave or over the body of the deceased (part 3 of article 297 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

Earlier in the Kiev region detained the teenagers for the broken Windows in the train. We have already proved the involvement of detainees to 18 the facts of various offences on the railway.

It was also reported that in Cherkasy region unknown persons have shot the monument to Hetman Sahaidachny, which was installed a year ago.

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