In the Kiev region liquidated the interregional group of drug dealers

В Киевской области ликвидировали межрегиональную группу наркодилеров

Material evidences are withdrawn from members of criminal group

In Kyiv region exposed an organized criminal group of drug dealers controlled by the crime boss.

In Kyiv region police exposed an organized criminal group controlled by the crime boss. During the arrest the attackers, armed with grenades, a sawed-off shotgun, knives and brass knuckles, resisted the security forces, informs on Tuesday, November 13, the press service of the regional police.

Noted that the gang consisted of five people, including previous convictions.

“They sold the wholesale drug-addicted citizens of a large batch of especially dangerous drug – methadone and elite marijuana, the method of “bookmarks” and from hand to hand. Their activities covered the territory of several regions of the country”, – stated in the message.

According to law enforcement, organized, and strictly control the activities of the group, one of the criminal authorities, and received by a criminal way money was transferred to the prisons in the criminal “common Fund”.

The chief of police of Kiev region Dmitry coens said that for documenting of criminal activity of the suspects were ten operational procurement 37 and covert investigative (search) action.

“In the two areas at the same time, the police carried out the authorized searches in a residence of malefactors, where they seized 20 kg of dry powdered marijuana and 500 grams of methadone, and mobile phones, Bank cards, grenades, cartridges and a sawn-off shotgun. The total value of seized drug at the prices “black” the market makes about two million hryvnias”, – reported in Department.



Now the complex operational and investigative activities. Sets the channel of drugs. Malefactors are detained, to preventive measure they will be in a temporary detention center.

On this fact openly criminal proceedings under articles illegal production, manufacture, acquisition, storage, transportation, shipment or sales of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues, and also illegal circulation of weapons, ammunition or explosives.

Earlier in Kiev and Kiev region police revealed the greenhouses, where the offenders had grown marijuana method “hydroponics”, and then processed and packaged.

Before that in Kiev have detained the inspector of the prison, which distributed drugs to the prisoners.

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