In the Kiev region woman drowned in the well

В Киевской области женщина утонула в колодце

Rescuers pulled the body of the deceased from the well

The body of the drowned were brought to the surface by a rescue ropes and assault ladders.

In a small town Zgurovka, Kiev region in one of the wells in a private courtyard was found the body of a local resident. About it reports regional management of gschs on Monday, November 12.

“The personnel on duty of honor of the 26th State firefighting and rescue part of the 6th DPRS GU gschs of Ukraine in Kiev region using rescue ropes and assault ladders the body of the drowned were brought to the surface and handed over to the police”, – is spoken in the message.

During carrying out investigative actions it was established that does not exclude the possibility of committing suicide.

Before it became known that in Odessa the girl washed off the pier into the sea. She died. The tragedy occurred on the beach a Seagull that on the 10th station of Big Fountain.

Earlier in the river lake Chicken found the bodies of two 20-summer guys. On the shore found personal belongings and a device for drug use.

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