In the kindergarten in the Khmelnitsky region was a mass poisoning

В детсаду в Хмельницкой области произошло массовое отравление

Hospitalized 21 people

In the nursery-garden in Neteshin recorded outbreak of intestinal infections. Hospitalized 21 people, including 20 children.

In the nursery-garden in the town of Netishyn, Khmelnitsky region was recorded outbreak of intestinal infection. On Friday, October 5, reported the press service of the Khmelnytsky regional laboratory center of the MOH of Ukraine.

As of 5 Oct in the infectious diseases Department of KZ Netechinska city Council, the Specialized health of the city Netishin hospitalized 21 people, including 20 children up to 17 years. All children are pupils of this institution groups: №№ 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12. Among the diseased – one tutor group No. 9.

The Ministry noted that the clinical manifestations in diseased first appeared on 4 October. That day was hospitalized four patients: three children and one teacher. Others 5 Oct.

“October 5, 2018 laboratory examined 68 patients (21 patients and 47 healthy, including 29 students and 18 employees from the kindergarten). Lab tests were done on 84 samples, including food – 20 washings from objects of environment – 60, drinking water – 4. In the premises of the preschool institutions carried out final disinfection. Workers interviewed for the prevention of intestinal infections”, – noted in the laboratory center.

Earlier in kindergarten in Lviv region poisoned five children.

Also, the media reported that in Odessa poisoned 50 children who attend kindergarten №135.


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