In the kindergarten of Mariupol child fed porridge with worms media

В детсаду Мариуполя ребенка накормили кашей с червями – СМИ

Porridge with worms

The Director of the kindergarten do not understand how this could have happened and claims that this is an isolated incident.

In a kindergarten №119 of the city of Mariupol in the Donetsk region the child was given Breakfast porridge with worms. It is reported by UNN with reference to the child’s mother Victoria Sklar on Tuesday, July 31.

It is noted that the woman later came to the kindergarten and asked to give her child to eat Breakfast separately. In the bowl of porridge she saw worms.

“Half of the plate of porridge child already had, then, turning, I noticed in the mess of worms. Showed it to the nurse, but she was very surprised and said calmly, “I was in the kitchen, I put on the table,” – said the mother of the child victim.

The head of the kindergarten №119 Larisa Polishchuk claims that it is the first such case. She does not understand how insects could be the food. According to her, the food is always pre-checked by the staff on the taste and appearance.

“I understand that this is not normal, especially in preschool. You have no idea how this could happen. The case of the unit. No one else in the plates of insects were found. Nothing went in the pot, where the porridge was prepared, and in bags where they kept grain”, – said Polishchuk.

In the kindergarten promised to strengthen control over the products delivered from suppliers, storage of food and technology cooking.

Earlier it was reported that the Commission of the Ministry of defense found in a military unit in Kiev, 176 tonnes unfit for human stew. A purchase agreement was signed with the limited liability company Ukrprodukt.

We will remind, on New year in the Irkutsk region of the Russian Federation to children-beneficiaries gave sweet gifts with worm-eaten chocolates. These candy kits from the Governor was received in the context of social protection.

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