In the Kyiv teacher’s house will host an exhibition dedicated to the fighters against Nazism

В Киевском доме учителя пройдет выставка, посвященная борцам с нацизмом

May 5 in Kyiv city teacher’s house opens a documentary exhibition “In the common fight”. It is dedicated to the Ukrainians who fought against Nazism in the composition of the armies of the allies and the Resistance movements.

The exhibition includes little-known documents illustrating the response of Ukrainians abroad at the beginning of the war and willingness to volunteer for the army. The exhibition presents the fate of Ukrainian families whose sons are in the ranks of the armies of the different countries contributed to the victory, as well as the contribution of women to the struggle against Nazism.

The exhibition project is the result of collaboration between the National Museum of history of Ukraine during world war II and the Central state archive of foreign Ukrainian studies.

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