In the LC torturing children, forcing them to spy.

В ЛНР пытают детей, заставляя их шпионить – СБУ

The teenager, who was forced to spy on

The secret service showed a video with “break free” as a teenager.

In SBU declare that the separatists LNR attract children to collect intelligence, threatening them with torture.

As informs the press center of the Ministry, in mid-may of 2016 on the banks of the Seversky Donets river was captured 15-year-old resident of Novoaydar district of Lugansk region.

It is reported that during night interrogations, intimidation and torture, the separatists tried to knock the guy’s got information about the locations of fighting positions, personnel and armament of the Ukrainian divisions located near Trehizbenki.

According to the boy, one of his tormentors was nicknamed “Klim”, and led separatists, Russian mercenaries from the North Caucasus.

Then the teenager demanded that he began to spy for them on the territory controlled by Kiev. After the guy agreed, let him go, and he was able to return home.

As reported Корреспондент.net, in collaboration with the DNI for two years, sentenced to 15 teenagers.

In the horror of war. How children live “in a gray area”